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I have tried many text editors for my use. From Atom to specific IDE for R such as R-Studio. (I am not a professional coder/programmer, just using it for statistical purposes mostly). Just last month I found Geany and seems to enjoy it, especially for it’s very light footprint on resources (having budget system make you search for the lightest apps out there). And, having used dark themes in many apps I also enjoyed the visual appeal of dark themes. So, most of my apps have been changed into such themes. Having reinstalled Ubuntu on my machine, together with experimenting with antiX on another provide me with an opportunity to look at different ways to installed the apps and the location to save the downloaded themes.

AntiX, with Geany preinstalled

In my antiX machine, I can just follow the instruction provided on the Geany website as it is installed by default. So I assumed it is installed from the debian repository. From the website,, I downloaded the Delt Dark theme. I like this theme Ok? Don’t comment anything ;). Clicking the download link for the theme will open a text document (.conf file) in the browser.

Saving the file would download the .conf file to the destination of choice. OK, now I just need to copy or move the file to the location: ~/.config/geany/colorschemes/ as mentioned in the Geany website. Remember that .config file is a hidden directory. If you are using GUI file manager, make sure to enable seeing hidden files/directories .

Now opening the Geany apps, I will go to View -> Change Color Scheme. Now I got my preferred Delt Dark Theme on the list (The other themes are pre-installed in antiX 19).

Now we move on for the Flatpak installed Geany. [The only difference will be the location of the directory].

Using Flathub’s Geany

Other than the Debian repository, Geany is also available in Snap and Flatpak. As I had installed it using Flatpak before, I decided to use the same way on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine. If you already had installed flatpak and having it linked to flathub, all that you need to do to install Geany is enter the following command from the terminal:

flatpak install flathub org.geany.Geany

We can also use the GUI package manager. For Ubuntu 20.04 (the one that I am using) the installation of flatpak enables a different Software apps to appear other than Ubuntu Software. While Ubuntu Software lists all Snap and Debian repositories’ application, Software shows Debian repositories together with Flatpak’s Flathub apps. Thus, to install the Flatpak’s version we need to open Software and search for Geany. With Flatpak already installed and linked to the Flathub repo, we will be greeted with two choices. Just clicked any one of them, as we can change the repository from the top-right corner’s source button as shown below.

I already installed it using the Flathub installation from terminal as above, but If you haven’t install yet just clicked the install button that here been replaced by the launch button.

Similar to using Geany from apt package, Geany comes with only two Color Schemes (View -> Change Color Scheme -> A dialog box titled: Color Schemes), Default and Alternate. Various other theme can be download from the theme website mentioned before. As before, I use the Delt-Dark.conf (Click download from the website will open the .conf file in the browser and Ctrl-S will save the .conf file to the appropriate location).

Now, the location of installed directories for our Flatpak apps, in Ubuntu 20.04 at least, are at ~/.var/app. (Remember, a . file/directory is hidden, so don’t forget to enable seeing hidden files if you are navigating through GUI). Here we can see the Flatpak’s file installed in my machine.

Note: The file would not appear unless you had launched it first.

It is in this folder that we can navigate ourselves to the /config/geany/colorschemesfolder to paste/save the .conf theme files that we downloaded. So I save the file to the said location, namely: ~/.var/app/org.geany.Geany/config/geany/colorschemes.

Thus we can relaunch Geany, then go to View -> Change Color Schemes, and choose the color scheme that we have downloaded and saved to the desired location.



Geany Themes.

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