Archer T2U V3 in Linux (antiX)

Since the laptop that I tested my AntiX install had its WiFi card broken, I bought a TP-Link’s WiFi adapter, Archer T2U V3 to be specific. Since it is an online general store, I missed the specification that it is V3, which had no Linux driver prepared from TP-link’s website. However, from it’s community forum,Continue reading “Archer T2U V3 in Linux (antiX)”

Geany theme

I have tried many text editors for my use. From Atom to specific IDE for R such as R-Studio. (I am not a professional coder/programmer, just using it for statistical purposes mostly). Just last month I found Geany and seems to enjoy it, especially for it’s very light footprint on resources (having budget system makeContinue reading “Geany theme”

Copying multiple files in antiX 19

When I first try to use Ctrl-C to copy multiple files in antiX, I got an error message, something like it can’t be done for multiple files. Apparently copying file or files in antiX is much more graphical than one might thought. It involves click and drag. Well, if I want to use the keyboardContinue reading “Copying multiple files in antiX 19”

My Antix journey

So it starts after I tried FreeBSD in my old machine with the following specs: Using neofetch, for a more graphical view, after installing Antix I got these: Note: neofetch is not installed initially, we need to install it using sudo apt install neofetch. But, after I lost the control on the laptop’s touch-pad whenContinue reading “My Antix journey”

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